Shell Grotto

I had the pleasure and honor of working with Lambert Landscape Company to create this serene sanctuary. The project took Steve Jinks, my right hand, and me three months to complete and I enjoyed every minute of it. We used 2 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot and 10 foot ladders and scaffolding to reach all the corners and curves presented by the project. The design was first transferred to the wall in chalk for approval, and then it was drawn in a permanent fashion. The tinted thinset "plaster" was then applied. After that it was shells, shells, shells! We started on the square panels that form the border. I will say, I was extremely happy when that part of the project was finished. It was a lot of tweezers work in strange positions and angles... sometimes it felt like I was playing Twister. The wall is concave and domed at the top - this presented many challenging areas! Once we had the border squares finished, it was smooth sailing... time consuming...  but very smooth and the end result was stunning! I was extremely pleased with our work on this project.