CAC Mosaic Designs - Custom mosaic art by Connie Chantilis

Connie's intent is to redefine the purpose of any unique individual object while transforming it with color and texture, imagination, humor and love.

She is drawn to the unique and colorful, and appreciates the subtle nuances and energy she finds in the simplicity of nature. She enjoys working with shells, stones, recycled glass, found objects, petrified wood and a variety of other treasures to create custom fused glass and mosaic installations, original organic sculpture and one of a kind items for the home.

Her passion for the mosaic medium was a natural progression from her love of collecting. This is represented by her work both in the fine arts and commercial commissions. Collecting vintage pottery, found objects, glazed and unglazed ceramics, antique china and glass, shells, petrified wood, rocks and anything else that speaks to her intuition is a daily joy. Mosaic art became an instant source of expression. Through technical study with artists such as Sonia King and Sherry Warner Hunter, Connie's ability to express her creative gift continues.

In 2015, her "Shell Shocker" was awarded the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, Texas Chapter, John Staub Award, Honorable Mention. In 2010 Connie won a Juror’s Choice Award in the Society of American Mosaic Artists' Mosaic Arts International exhibit for her large-scale installation grotto.

In recent years, she has actively explored urban archaeology. Locally, she has unearthed amazing turn of the century objects such as oxidized glass and bottles, metal bike pedals, buttons and coins. By weaving these items into fine arts pieces, she conveys a story that translates into her contemporary works.

Fused glass and photography are the latest mediums of expression that Connie is exploring. CAC Mosaic Designs studio now houses three kilns that are constantly firing to create anything from small pieces, such as ornaments and sushi plates, to large-scale architectural pieces. Her photography exploration has been combined to create memory artworks.

Connie creates individual works for exhibition, commercial use and private commission, both interior and exterior. She utilizes her creative skills, technical ability and the finest materials sourced locally and from around the world to produce these timeless expressions.

Connie gathers inspiration from both nature and urban environments and blends them into pieces that translate her unique and intuitive understanding of color, texture and form to create both personal and universal stories in her works. This is evident in her 2 and 3 dimensional objects and installations. Connie's recent works have transcended mosaic to a form of organic sculpture and collage.

Connie Chantilis is the creative force behind CAC Designs.

We invite you to contact us for your own individual mosaic masterpiece or sculpture for both commercial use and private commission; both interior and exterior applications.

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