CAC Mosaic Designs - Custom mosaic art by Connie Chantilis

Mosaic artist Connie ChantilisAward winning artist Connie Chantilis creates individual works for private commissions, exhibition and commercial, both interior and exterior. Utilizing Connie’s creative skills, technical ability and the finest materials sourced locally and from around the world CAC Mosaic Designs produces timeless expressions of art for any home or space.

CAC Mosaic Designs specializes in one of a kind mosaic and sculptural works for the kitchen, bath, furniture and outdoor sanctuaries.

"We've said it before and we'll say it again. We are in awe of mosaics that fit perfectly into their environments. In order for that bit of magic to happen, there has to be a happy—and intelligent—convergence of the right vision with the right design and the right materials. When we saw this beautiful shell mosaic by Connie Chantilis of Dallas, Texas, we knew we had an example of this kind of perfection."

                - Mosaic Arts Now


For more information about upcoming exhibitions and for the artist's statement of intent, please see the About page or inquire about commissioned work.